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In order for us to design a concept for your website and / or logo we ask you to complete the following questions. Please note that we offer unlimited revisions of the design until you are 100% happy to sign it off.
Let the provider know what you are aiming to achieve from the project and how you see its end results. Clarity here goes a long way to prevent project failure, misunderstandings or incorrect expectations
For example, ‘our old website was hacked, so we need something new that is secure’; ‘our The New Chairman of the board is a marketing guru and wants a whole new image’; ‘we are Launching new products and thought this would be a good time to replace/update the old
Tell the provider if there are any specific dates or events that constrain the project’s Timeframe.
Is ongoing support required from the agency following the completion of the project to Maintain the website (e.g. security upgrades, etc.) and make occasional changes to the site
What kind of website design services are you looking for? A brand new first-time website, a complete re-design of an existing website, maintenance of or minor upgrades/corrections To an existing website?
What are your specific short, medium and long-term goals for the website?
What pages do you have in mind for your website? For example, a home page, products page and individual product pages, about us, contact us. How many overall pages with how many different structures?
Define your website’s target audience. Include as much detail as possible. If your website The audience is different from your current customer/user/ purchaser profile, describe what The difference is. For example, parents, particularly mothers of children aged 0-5 years; Retirees in the 55-65 age group.
Do you have a logo? Do you have it in digital format? Can you get the original files from whoever supplied it?
Do you have specific images or icons that you wish, or do not wish, to have in your website?
Do you have any colour preferences for your website design? It might interest you that different colours have different associations with us.
It would be best if you tried to use colours that reflect how you want your business to be represented:
Are there any colour or style elements you would like to avoid in the design? link to a photo or a website would be helpful too. For example, “A colour we want to avoid is bright. Orange because it seems to be overused by our competitors at present.
List at least three websites that you find compelling and state what interests you about the Sites. It doesn’t matter if they are related to your business– it’s about the navigation. Elements, style, colours, typography and other visual concept and why you like them.
List at least three competitors’ websites. Discuss why you think they have taken a particular Approach and what your think works or does not work about each site, e.g. their message, the site structure (pages), the navigation elements, style, colours, typography and other