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How does retargeting work?

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is a great way of keeping your website in front of prospective clients after they leave your website. Typically, only a fraction of visitors will convert on the initial visit.

We display banner ads on partner sites – and it really works! Google data indicates you can increase your Sales by 5% by using retargeting.

It’s a powerful branding and conversation tool – so talk to us today about adding it to your on-line digital strategy.

Drive website visits

Get relevant traffic to your website from people who are looking for your services or products

Get more phone calls

Increase the number customer calls you receive daily

Increase website leads & sales

Get more online conversions including form submits and checkout purchases

How does retargeting work?

Utilising Google Adwords agency for paid ads allows you to put your products/services in front of your potential customer at the time they are making a buying decision. We work with you to create high performing results-driven campaigns focussed on delivering leads not just clicks.
With the use of these Google Advertisements, you can ensure improvements to your visibility and overall online presence. By doing so, this can create a more professional impression on potential customers, creating a more dominant image in your section industry.

The Benefits retargeting in a nutshell

Successful digital campaigns are all about
visibility. Using a successful retargeting
strategy you can really dominate your sector.

The cost of retargeting ads is much
cheaper than traditional PPC, and our
most successful campaigns bear witness
to its success.

Retargeting Best Practices


Leap Digital are experts at all forms of digital marketing. We segment visitors so the ads that are served are totally relevant. (If your customer converts the ad is not shown at all.)


We create ads with clear calls to action. We include countdown and time sensitive information and avoid over exposure.


Paying close attention to these details ensures your retargeting delivers real results.


Strategy Development

Banner Creation

Launch of campaign
Analysis and conclusions