Retarget Your Website Visitors

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Retarget Your Website Visitors

Leap Digital is a retargeting agency with a difference, as we have highly skilled experts within PPC that will help you dominate your business sector by retargeting. We identify users that have visited your website previously by placing a pixel to track them. By reserving ads across the internet, this will push the brand back into their minds to encourage them to complete an action on the website. If you are unsure about retargeting then not to worry as our team will explain everything as how retargeting can help your business generate more sales or increase brand awareness. This is a very effective way to reintroduce them back to the brand, and this is a very low cost effective way to maximise your ad spend to generate a higher ROI.

Drive website visits

Generate highly relevant traffic from people that have a keen interest in the services or the products that offer. By reintroducing them to the brand has the potential to increase sales.

Get more phone calls

If you offer a service, this is a great way to increase the calls into your business, perfect for beauty salons, construction, software and many other industries.

Increase website leads & sales

Generate more online product and service conversions via checkout or form submits on your website. If you own an ecommerce website, this is a great re-engage with previous customers.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting is a powerful remarketing technique that will help your brand get back in front of prospective customers. This is done by placing a pixel on your website. We’re then able to track the visitors across the web to serve them ads of your business. This keeps the brand in front of them at all times, encouraging them to revisit the website and complete the original transaction. Whether this is to make a purchase or submit an enquiry form.

If you are looking for a Facebook retargeting agency that can increase your social media sales by utilising sophisticated technology to your advantage. By displaying ads to users who have already shown a keen interest in the product or service that you offer. You can re-target them with a unique display message or offer to increase the chances of a revisit for them to complete an action. This is a great way to drive revenue to the website and re-increase the brand awareness.

Here at Leap Digital you will find us one of the best retargeting marketing companies not just in Dublin, but in Ireland. We will work with you to create a high performing retargeting campaign that will focus on not just delivering clicks, but generating leads. Our in-house team are PPC experts in the field to generate your business an ROI.

The Benefits retargeting in a nutshell

Successful digital campaigns are all about
visibility. Using a successful retargeting
strategy you can really dominate your sector.

The cost of retargeting ads is much
cheaper than traditional PPC, and our
most successful campaigns bear witness
to its success.

Retargeting Best Practices


Segment your audience: Instead of retargeting all website visitors with the same ad, segment your audience based on their behaviour on your site. This allows you to tailor your messaging and creative to each segment, increasing the chances of conversion.


Set frequency caps: While it’s important to keep your brand top of mind, bombarding users with too many ads can lead to ad fatigue and decreased effectiveness. Set frequency caps to limit the number of times a user sees your ad in a given time period.


Use dynamic retargeting: Dynamic retargeting allows you to serve personalized ads to users based on their specific interactions with your website. This can be highly effective in driving conversions, as the ad content is highly relevant to the user’s interests and behaviour.


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