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Build brand awareness, drive targeted web traffic and boost sales with help from our experienced YouTube Ads Agency.

YouTube Ads Agency With Real Results

Leap Digital is a YouTube ad agency with a difference, as we do deep research into identifying your target audience based on factors like location, age, gender and interests. We can offer two types of display ads with In-Stream and In-Display that can showcase your product or service.With our YouTube Ads experts on hand to guide you, you’ll be able to reach potential customers with specific audience targeting. We also offer real-time insights into the campaign and the views generated from the ADs.

Wide & Targeted Reach

When you look at YouTube, you need to remember it’s the second-largest search engine which gives you the ability to reach a larger audience. At an affordable entry cost for every business with a friendly Pay-Per-View ad.

YouTube Retargeting Ads

YouTube video allows you to re-target your ad to users that have previously interacted with your website. When the user and their cookies arrive on the YouTube platform, then an ad will be shown and directed towards your website to boost conversions.

YouTube Experts

Leap digital has a wealth of knowledge with dedicated YouTube ad specialists who will use their knowledge and experience to drive a successful ad campaign. If you are looking to boost sales or increase your brand reach, working alongside a YouTube ad agency like ourselves will deliver high-quality results.

YouTube Video Ads

Being able to reach a larger and engaged audience via YouTube ads will provide you a great way to reach a targeted audience. This is the perfect way to increase the chances of increasing and maximizing your spend and business turnover. Whichever type of ads you want to target, you know that these users have already expressed an interest with your products or service, giving it a greater chance of a conversation.

Which YouTube Ads are Right for You?

What are Non-skippable Video Ads?

This will generate you guaranteed views as the non-skippable ads before, during and when a video finishes. They require the viewer to watch the ad, so by making sure you have a positive ad creation that will generate click throughs to the website

What are Mid roll Ads?

These are just like TV commercials and only appear on long YouTube videos that are over 15 minutes long. Viewers must also watch the ad before they can continue to the video they are currently watching.

If you would like to contact us today to learn more about our YouTube advertising services and how we can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Our YouTube Advertisement Services

We are a YouTube ad agency who are specialists in helping small to medium businesses grown via perfect ad placement that will generate an ROI to your business. We will guide you through selecting which YouTube is right for your business because of the service or products you are offering. Leap Digital are experts in many areas and you’ll find our YouTube Advertising services will generate you an advertising ROI. We monitor and optimise the campaign at every step to maximise the results. Below, you’ll find some more ways in which you can use YouTube advertising to your advantage.

Display Ads

These display ads are found in the top right of the up next selection on the video player page. These display ads can be very targeted based on the user interests, previously watched videos and the demographics of the viewer.

Overlay Ads

You will see these semi-transparent image ads appear at the bottom of a video. These normally just appear on desktop PC or laptops and not on mobile videos. The banner ad normally only lasts a few seconds, but you can be very targeted with the audience you want to put the ad in front of.

Sponsored Cards

So sponsored cards can be of various sizes that display at the end of videos on mobile devices and PC/laptops. The ads allow you to promote your website products or service that will drive users to your website to complete a transaction.