Display advertising

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more.

Display advertising

If you have never heard of display advertising before, let us explain that it comes in several forms such as banner ads, rich media and more. So display advertising is a form of online advertising that enables you to place visual ads on digital channels such as websites and mobile apps. An example would be every time you watch a YouTube video, it may have a banner at the bottom of the video. These come in many formats and are used to promote brand awareness, promote certain products or to generate leads. While for PPC, which means you Pay Per Click advertisers pay on a CPC and CPM Basis. CPC means you pay per click on your banner ad and CPM means you pay for every 1000s banner impressions server regardless of the amount of clicks it generates.

Drive more visits

A bespoke banner design will drive more clicks through to your website that will be targeted to people that are actively looking for your products or services.

Get More Phone Calls

If you own a business, it is more call based. Then this is a great way to interact more with people that interested in your service or product.

Increase website sales

By placing a targeted banner for a product or service that you are selling via your website will increase the overall website traffic and sales, generating you a ROI.

Be Targeted

People underestimate how powerful display advertising is a marketing tool to reach audiences within the sales funnel. Visually engaging image based ads, audio or a powerful video can showcase your company in a variety of ways to generate interest from potential customers about the products or services that you offer.

Our expert design team will create a banner that will grab the attention of the audience viewing the media. In order to generate you a higher ROI, we handpick the websites to place the marketing message on. Every website has a different audience in which it caters to. Our skilled team knows which website is good for every product or service, making sure that your display ad is specifically targeted to the right audiences.

Targeted Websites

With our targeted approach, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience that’s the right people at the right time. This will help drive conversions through the website to generate a high ROI and increase brand awareness. By adopting this approach means that the goal of the ads will serve the business to reach potential customers.

We handpick websites across the internet that match your business goals and ideals that will match your demographic to target your ads. By doing this process, it will then ensure your product or service gets seen by a wider audience. By running target ads this way means that product gets in front of people that have a keen interest in it.

Display advertising is a great way to build brand awareness that traditional media can’t come close to. Leap Digital team of experts will create a digital marketing campaign that drives results to the website.

Select your criteria

We take great care in selecting the right criteria and messaging for your display advertising to maximise exposure to the right profile of potential customers. This attention to detail greatly improves the return on your campaign spend. Display advertising is especially powerful for launching new products with low search volume or for massively raising awareness of your business.

By effectively targeting your audience and crafting compelling messaging, we can help you achieve your advertising goals and drive conversions. We help you make the most of your display advertising campaigns and maximise the impact of your advertising spend.

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